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T-Advisor suite for wealth management is a resource for investors to obtain the best information from their positions. The different tools offer the real situation of the investments and several data to analyse them and take decisions. T-Advisor has the tool “My Portfolios” to join different shares taking into account personal criteria, as geographical area or economic sector, for instance. Once the portfolio is organized, the investor obtains the main data, as valuation, the year-to-date performance and the year performance and the volatility. My portfolio - T-Advisor If we select a portfolio, T-Advisor shows a complete report about it. Charts and graphs will report about diversification and performance. We also obtain information about the best shares of our portfolio and a summing up of the changes in our investments. General data portfolio T-Advisor Investor will see a report about specific data from their positions, to value keeping or changing to increase or reduce them. “Trade list” section collects all transactions that the investor carries out to follow the portfolio changes. Information is the best tool to take investment decisions. T-Advisor was thought for that. That is why the “Diagnosis” section shows the whole portfolio details about valuation, asset allocation, risk and the contribution of the different shares to the performance of the portfolio. T-Advisor Diagnosis section Finally, the “Follow Up” section offers several suggestions to improve the portfolio performance. T-Advisor Follow-up section T-Advisor offers the best information for investors to take the best decisions. A selection of relevant information, as T-Advisor does, gives the ability to manage portfolios and obtain the best results.

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