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Our General Manager Jaime Bolívar talks about T-Advisor


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T-Advisor, the advance wealth management software launched last year for personal investments, is a milestone in this kind of developments. T-Advisor General Manager Jaime Bolívar explains some details about the suite. Question: Mr. Bolívar, you are also Techrules General Manager, a leading company that offers software solutions for the financial sector. T-Advisor is focused mainly in individuals. Why did you take this decision? Answer: Techrules has more than 20 years of experience developing the best solutions for financial entities with a high success. Nowadays individuals have many channels to manage and decide about their investments, because they have a lot of information available through the Internet. But a lot of information does not mean being well informed. That was our point: organise and provide highly accurate and visual information, so that everyone could take the best decisions for their investments. Q: There were already tools to manage own investments. What are the strengths that any investor can find in T-Advisor? A: T-Advisor was conceived for individuals that even do not have deep knowledge in markets. That is why the suite is very visual and has many ratios to follow the performance and the risks of their investments. We are very proud about our tools of market opportunities, updated every week; our smart benchmarking tool, to help investors compare relative performances in their portfolios; and our quant model portfolios, defined by profiles and countries, so that a particular can join them. These quant model portfolios designed by T-Advisor are performing incredibly well: the weakest, for a conservative profile, produced a 5.3% return and the strongest climbed to a 69%, linked to the Nasdaq. And we are continuously improving, updating and creating new tools in the suite. Q: What about investment information from different countries? Is that possible? A: Of course, that is another of our strengths. You can find market opportunities in 29 different exchanges, from Europe to USA and emerging markets. Our watchlists provide assets from a wide range of indexes and institutional investors. And also our global trend tool shows performances in 32 different countries around the world. A particular investor can decide investments from his or her mobile in South Africa, China or US, if he or she checks in T-Advisor that the best opportunities are there. And they can do it through T-Advisor. Q: Is it difficult access to T-Advisor? A: Absolutely not. Just register in our website and begin to invest. Our customers can open a free trial account for three months. We are so sure about the quality of our suite that we know that, after this period, they will not be able to avoid investing with T-Advisor.

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