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Financial Advisor functionality picture in T-Advisor

T-Advisor is a software suite with a wide range of different tools for investors. The aim of T-Advisor is providing accurate, updated and relevant figures and data for agents in the financial system. We do not only think in particulars or individuals, but also in advisors, who will have access to all tools and an enlarged set of services. We have developed powerful tools to help advisors provide the best service to your customers. T-Advisor for financial advisors offers a customized asset universe, so that professionals can choose and change the portfolios depending the situation and taking advantage from the best performances. The access to historical data is enlarged up to 20 years, so that advisors can perceive detailed trends from the assets they are interested in. We also give the chance to manage up to 100 portfolios, which is a reasonable number to design different solutions depending the customers’ profile. But our main strength is our financial planning tool. Advisors may set a goal for the different customers in the short and long term. The tool also provides a savings plan to obtain the projected performance. First of all, professionals can set the investor profile, depending the risks ready to be assumed. T-Advisor has defined 5 different profiles, from more to less risk aversion: very conservative, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive. After defining the profile, the financial advisor accesses to different products recommended for him or her. The tool shows many kinds of charts, as the asset allocation or the performance and risks analysis. For instance, T-Advisor calculates automatically average performances for different periods, volatility and value at risks, amongst other functionalities. At the end of the process, advisors obtain a proposal report about the designed portfolio for the customer. Of course, T-Advisor lets the professional watch, follow up, analyze and rebalance portfolios. Our strength lays on our deep knowledge of advisors’ tasks, needs and interests. We have developed a tool adapted to their daily work, making it easy, automatic and with a high-quality information so that professionals can react immediately to any market change. We are aware that technology is at people’s service and T-Advisor has been developed at investors’ and advisors’ service.

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