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World global trends: bearish o bullish in February?

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February is usually an unstable month for the markets. In this case, emerging markets have suffered more from this instability. We have already spoken about it before. The current quantitative easing cut made by the Federal Reserve affects negatively the capital flows to these countries. T-Advisor charts show clearly these global trends. Although general markets are not specially bullish, the bearish trend is harder in Asia and Latin America: Global trends february by T-Advisor Even more, the worst markets in our list (from the last) are Peru, Brazil, Japan, Chile, South Africa, Mexico and Turkey. With the exception of Japan as developed country that is living some different conditions, the others are emerging markets mainly in Latin America. Global trends LatAm by T-Advisor Emerging Asian countries are a bit better that always in a bearish trend: Global trends Asia by T-Advisor In this case, the drop begun last year in June. Although the line was stable in the autumn and the beginning of the year, it registered a new hard decline in February. Just to compare: Latin American countries quoted before have less than 20% of their listed companies with a bullish trend (in Peru and Chile, less than 9%), while Asian countries as China, Singapore, India and Hong Kong have between 20-25%. The only exception in this trend in emerging markets is Argentina, with some different components in its economy. At the top of this list, the leaders were continuously in February the denominated PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). Their markets, as we published before, were cheap for investors and attracted capital flows in their exchanges. In these cases, they had always bullish more than 40% of their companies (in Portugal, up to 60% or a bit more). This kind of charts helps investors to detect risk and investment chances in the current pricing of the markets.

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