I look for investment alternatives, but how?


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An investor has always an active attitude, because he or she is always taking care of the invested money. Sometimes it is necessary to change some assets from the portfolio: they are not performing as expected or they are losing compared with the initial position. Looking for investment alternatives is hard to do, as investors need a reliable source with many figures and analytics to take the best decisions. T-Advisor offers some different ways to find the best alternatives for your portfolio. The first one is available in every report for every asset. You can download for every position a “T-Report” with the whole data… and some investment alternatives at the end, if you are not really convinced of it. Investment alternatives in T-Advisor way 1 The software chooses for every asset a range of alternatives depending the market and the sector and organises them ranked by the strength trend, from the more bullish to the bearish ones. The second way is the tool “Investment ideas”, which is updated every week and selects under quantitative criteria the best options of a list of 30 developed and emerging markets around the world. Investment alternatives T-Advisor way 2 In this case, you obtain an alert for an entry price and a stop loss for every asset in the list. You can also download the report with the whole figures. The third way is the tool “My T-Advisor”, from which we have already written in this blog. This tool provides some alerts with investment alternatives to the assets of you portfolio. The selection is made automatically by the software from quantitative criteria applied to your portfolio. Investment alternatives T-Advisor way 3 Taking right investment decisions is hard, but it is harder if you do not have available tools that provide you the best reports and information of several alternatives. Our developers were aware of this point and that is why the software was conceived to provide many ways so that an individual can find the best asset that fits his or her goals.

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