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Market opportunities by T-Advisor: Balder

Market Opportunities

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Balder, listed in OMX Stockholm as an opportunity for investment. These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years: Balder main data in T-Advisor The technical analysis reveals also more data: Balder technical analysis in T-Advisor The chart shows the evolution i the last year: Balder chart in T-Advisor Finally, the risk analysis is as follows: Balder risk analysis in T-Advisor Fastighets AB Balder is a real estate group created in 2005. The company acquires, exploits and manages around 500 residential properties and commercial properties. The incomes in 2013 were SEK 1,884 million and the net profit summed up SEK 1,738 million. Its activity expanded recently to renewable energy (wind turbines).

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