Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor

Gamification: investments are a serious game


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One of the multiples changes produced as a result of the development of Internet is the use of games in non-gaming fields. That is known as gamification. Through this idea, several companies try to promote certain behaviours or uses amongst its customers. How to use it in investments? There are some ways, as points, badges or the fulfilment of a line with several processes, for instance. From the very beginning, T-Advisor has used it for the portfolios. Every user receives a score to learn about how well he or she is doing with his or her assets. Gamification in T-Advisor with score Gamification in T-Advisor with tools for score This score has a double purpose: to report about the quality of the portfolio related to some ratios and to motivate the user to research into our tools to improve the results. At the end, more points will also mean a better performance. Our commitment with gamification as a useful strategy for our users will continue. The score is just the first step. We are going to add soon a new module for investment planning that proposes also gamification tools. Investments have always a purpose: retirement, a house, a car, a journey… Aims are so different as people are. The idea of our planner is to help people focus their personal targets just fulfilling several steps. Doing it in an enjoyable way will motivate and increase the personal engagement. Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor This will not be our last development in this direction. The addition of gamification tools in serious areas has succeeded to develop personal skills. This is our internal goal: that our users develop their investment skills in an easy way taking into account our advanced suite full of relevant data for them.

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