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Market opportunities by T-Advisor: Danske Bank

Market Opportunities

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Danske Bank, listed in Copenhagen Stock Exchange, as an opportunity for investment. These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years: Danske Bank main figures in T-Advisor The technical analysis reveals also more data: Danske Bank technical analysis in T-Advisor The chart shows the evolution i the last year: Danske Bank chart in T-Advisor Finally, the risk analysis is as follows: Danske Bank risk analysis in T-Advisor Danske Bank is the largest financial entity in Denmark. The company offers a full range of banking services, with emphasis in retail banking. It is organised in three business units: personal banking, business banking, and corporates and institutions. The bank was hit by the financial crisis and took part in the rescue plan (Bank Package I and II) disposed by the Danish Government. The company has had four CEOs in the last three years, as a result of its difficulties. In 2011, the entity conducted a big issue of new shares, which was sucessfully received in the markets. The group has subsidiaries and second brands in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The total income registered a decrease of 12.4% in 2013 compared with the former year, till DKK 40,004 million. The net income, however, increased a 50% in the same period, till DKK 7,115 million. The bank has improved its profitability since 2009, as the net income multiplied three times while the total income diminished a 32.5%.

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