T-Advisor advantages for advisors and financial institutions

T-Advisor, a robo-advisor solution for financial institutions


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Robo-advisors are already part of the financial landscape. Many companies have appeared and grown in this field, creating a new player through technology and low costs. Some traditional financial players look at them with reluctance or even fear. But, what about changing the foe into friend? Technological developments are expensive and it is not so easy to obtain profits in a short-term. However, the chance of implementing a flexible platform in your own system sounds more interesting. T-Advisor was conceived with a double purpose: a way for common people to manage their own finances and a platform for institutions and advisors to manage their clients’ investments. Think about that: you offer an easy, usable and flexible solution for your clients, who feel the investment experience. They will have the perception that they control their investments. They will feel as the owners. But behind that, the institution or the advisor is providing a high value added service. Then you are getting the foe into friend: the robo-advisor is part of your strategy. The idea is clear. If you give tools to your clients to let them be more independent, they will trust you more. The more they trust you, the more they hire other services from your company. This virtuous circle comes from a technological solution. That is why robo-advisors are a real business chance for financial institutions. T-Advisor advantages for advisors and financial institutions T-Advisor is a solution for advisors and financial institutions. They do not need to develop anything new, because T-Advisor is the answer. The platform can be easily implemented and adapted in existed structures with real success. Many clients are already enjoying our solutions.

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