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Market opportunities by T-Advisor: Terumo

Market Opportunities

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Terumo, listed in Tokyo, as an opportunity for investment. These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years: Terumo main figures in T-Advisor The chart shows the evolution in the last year: Terumo chart in T-Advisor The technical analysis reveals also more data: Terumo technical analysis in T-Advisor Finally, the risk analysis is as follows: Terumo risk analysis in T-Advisor The Japanese corporation works proactively to stably provide high-quality medical devices and services for the benefit of patients and medical settings in over 160 countries, while also developing solutions to advance the practice of healthcare. It has three main branches: Cardiac & Vascular for treatments including cardiac and vascular surgery; General Hospital for improving safety and easing of use in therapy devices used in hospitals and in homes; and Blood Management systems for the high-quality, efficient collection and processing of donated blood on a global basis. Founded in 1921, it has grown since the 90s with new branches in several countries and purchases. Net sales increased steadily in the last four years. Last fiscal year, sales reached ¥467.4 billion, a 16% more compared with the former year. On the contrary, net profit fell a 27.4%, till ¥34.1 billion, after the record obtained in the fiscal year 2013. However, the company paid a higher dividend: ¥58 per share compared with ¥44 in 2013.  

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