Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner

Investment exercise: planning for a car or for holidays


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We usually think that investments should have a purpose for big matters, as retirement or housing, but we can also organize them to other goals: a new car, because you need it to go to work, or dream holidays with your family for a special event. Why not? It is your money and you decide how to spend it. But before you must plan how to save and where to allocate your investment. T-Advisor investment planner will help you do it. First of all, you have to answer some questions, mainly:
  • How much money you need to save
  • The timeframe you plan to save that money
  • How much you already have and the monthly amount for the plan
Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner Be realistic about you ability to save depending your incomes and taking into account possible unforeseen events. You should always have some funds for these circumstances. As you have answered these questions, our planner will ask you for your risk profile. Are you risk lover or risk averse? The more risk, usually the more chances to obtain higher performance, but also to suffer dramatic drops. When you think about it, be aware of the proportion invested in equities, as it is the compass to evaluate the risk. For instance, we will select the moderate profile: Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner: risk profile We finally obtain the result. It is an expected projection. In this case, the result reports that the chances to achieve the goals are between 50% and 75%. The projection reports not only about the expected evolution (that takes into account historical behaviours), but also the best and worst scenarios. Planning for a car in T-Advisor investment planner: projection You can always change the parameters to obtain a new answer. This flexibility helps you learn about your real chances. Be honest yourself and then you can get the plan that suits your situation. In the advanced settings you can also implement the inflation and taxes effects. Last step proposes you a possible portfolio with a proposed allocation in different sectors. No specific product is recommended. Planning a car in T-Advisor investment planner: proposal Similarly, you can do the same exercise for dream holidays, for you children studies or for health needs. Our investment planner helps you organize your financial goals easily and with flexible tools, so that financial planning will be in everybody’s hands.

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