T-Advisor 3.0 new social features

T-Advisor 3.0.: The Evolution of your Investment Suite


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T-Advisor 3.0 new social features T-Advisor, your investment management suite, evolves with its new 3.0 version. This new version offers substantial improvements to make finances easier and more accessible for all. The platform keeps its self-directed management model, but it adds new features focused on the social side. Our aim is that you feel part of a community to share and exchange ideas about finances and investments to improve your results. First of all, we changed the design to be more user-friendly, with clean and flat colours, a structure easy to switch into grid or list to view the elements and easy-to-find buttons. Secondly, you will find several relevant changes in your portfolios. In order to promote the community and the exchange of investment ideas, new created portfolios are public by default, except of you prefer to switch them into private just with a click. On the other hand, old existing portfolios are private by default, although you can switch them into public. In any case, community members will view only returns as a percentage and the structure of the public portfolios. They never view balances or specific assets. Moreover, the profile has more details to promote the community. The main additions are:
  • You have received a default nick that you can change anytime.
  • You may upload a picture to customize your profile.
  • You will be reported about your position in the community users’ ranking and the medals that you obtain. New T-Advisor has implemented some little events to motivate the users to invest and enjoy the platform tools.
  • You will be reported about your followers and you will be able to exchange messages with them through the “Social” tab, where there is a wall to post comments.
We have also implemented notification alerts and messages. For instance, you will receive an alert when someone sends you a message or you get a new medal. New T-Advisor has implemented a list of handicaps to obtain medals in order to motivate the users in their investments. We took the so-called “serious games” as a reference to improve the financial education of the T-Advisor community and offer a different way to enjoy the investment activity. We had not put aside main issues, as obtaining good performances. However, users will be able to focus their decisions in a more pleasant way. We will publish some posts in the next weeks to explain all changes in the new T-Advisor 3.0. We invite you to enter, browse and discover all the new features. We hope that they will be useful for you and improve your investment experience. Take part in our community!

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