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T-Advisor, your app to monitor and manage your portfolio investments, has already the 3.0 version for iPad in the AppStore. The new app provides you an improved version of all the tools that you already enjoy in T-Advisor and our new social and gamification features. Just take your iPad and enjoy the investment experience. What can you do now in T-Advisor? T-Advisor for iPad profile The screens have a new more user-friendly and flat design, easy to navigate and find all the information that you require for your investments. You can customize your profile uploading your most preferred picture and identifying by your own nickname. You can also obtain ratings from other users to improve your reputation in the community. T-Advisor for iPad ranking Our social and gamification features provide you the chance to compete and compare you results with other members of the T-Advisor investment community. Get medals for every achievement that we propose you! The more medals you obtain, the higher position in the ranking you get. T-Advisor for iPad portfolios Your portfolios will also be rated by our score and include in the T-Advisor portfolio ranking. You can set into private or public your portfolio to share just some details of your investments with other community members. In the case of your portfolio is public, you can get followers. Besides, you can receive alerts and messages with any kind of news for your profile, as new medals, new messages from other users or new followers. T-Advisor for iPad portfolio figures The new T-Advisor 3.0. for iPad maintain all our traditional tools to manage and monitor your portfolios:
  • Full reports of your investments with all the main figures and charts to take relevant decisions.
  • T-Reports from thousands of securities to assess the best ones for your investments.
  • Our alerts module to set all relevant messages to react to any market movement.
  • A list of investment opportunities and our model portfolios that you can clone in a click.
Discover T-Advisor 3.0 for your iPad and download it now from the AppStore. Enter, browse and discover all our new features and what technology can do for your investments. Join our investors’ community!

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