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The results of the T-Advisor model portfolios in 2015


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T-Advisor, as wealth management solution for individuals and professionals, has not only tools for own investments, but also proposals to follow or even copy. That’s why our system has its own model portfolios. They are nine: five related to risk profile (from aggressive to very conservative) and five related to countries (Germany, UK, Spain in Europe and Mexico and Nasdaq 100 in the Americas). How do they work? We select between four and six ETFs for the risk-profiled portfolios and up to ten stocks for the country portfolios. The main point for us is capital preservation. That’s why our results, when they are negative, are better than the markets. To obtain them, we rebalance the portfolios every two months. These rebalances let us improve the results, as we exclude the positions more affected by market negative waves and substitute them for better stocks or ETFs. Diversification is also part of the strategy. We select the securities with the best score and relevant figures to obtain the best results. These are the results for 2015 for our risk-profiled model portfolios:
1-year-return Volatility Sharpe ratio
Aggressive -2.53% 19.44% 0.57
Dynamic 1.47% 16.86% 0.51
Balanced 3.53% 10.03% 0.58
Conservative 1.52% 3.94% 0.90
Very conservative 0.80% 2.39% 0.18
The figures where collected on January, 13th, and they are influenced by the very bad trend in the last weeks. However, the only negative result is our Aggressive portfolio and the losses are lower if we compare them with the 1-year-returns of some of the main exchanges: S&P (-4.42%), London (-8.80%), Madrid (-9%), Hong Kong (-17.96%). And now the results of our country portfolios:
1-year-return Volatility Sharpe ratio Index
Germany 44.70% 19.89% 6.23 2.08% (DAX)
Spain 5.74% 18.28% 1.59 -9.00% (Ibex)
Mexico 23.96% 15.03% 5.09 -1.81% (IPC)
Nasdaq 100 2.97% 18.52% 3.27 -2.44% (Nasdaq)
UK 18.32% 14.72% 2.98 -8.80% (FTSE)
Our strategies outperformed the reference indexes and even in a negative environment, all performed positively, against the negative results of the indexes. Aren’t you tempted to clone them? We have a tool to let our users do it. Let’s try it and compare the results with your investments!

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