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Investing is a serious activity. It is not lottery or gambling. When you invest, you do it with a specific financial target: your retirement, your house or just obtaining good returns for your money. In any case, you cannot choose your investments hazardously, but with a strategy. T-Advisor investment planner main screen The T-Advisor investment planner helps you select your target and obtain a strategy in four easy steps. In the module “My targets”, click on “New Plan” and the pop-up will propose you up to 7 different targets: investment, housing, studies, car, vacations, health and retirement. Every plan has its own specific settings to properly adapt the results. Retirement plan settings The system will ask you for your risk profile to select a comfortable strategy for you from conservative to dynamic. The risk is linked to the proportion of equities you are ready to accept in your portfolio. If you have doubts, the tool offers you an easy questionnaire to define it. As a result, you obtain a projection with the expected returns and the best and worst scenarios. The tool also adds settings to evaluate the tax and inflation effects. Investment planner projection At the end, the system proposes you a generic allocation linked to product categories, not with specific funds, shares or ETFs. After that, you can create your own portfolio following this proposal. Investment planner result Does this kind of tools make sense? Absolutely. They are very helpful for every investor, as it show the chances of obtaining concrete results for a specific period. It is a tool to avoid false projections or dreams. In investing, it is important to be realistic, as you are using your own money. Investments are always risky and past performances do not guarantee future returns, as classic disclaimers insist. That is why investors have to use tools to plan and organise their portfolios. One of the main troubles that we find in average investors is the absence of plans. They have money, but they do not know what to do with it or how to allocate it. This indecision has a negative effect: their money loses purchasing power and they do not profit from possible positive evolutions in the financial markets. They are losing in both ways. With an investment planner, people can be aware of their chances to achieve the target, organise their finance globally, perceive the progress and change the strategy, if it is not working. This is the purpose that T-Advisor supports as a model: investors have the control over their financial decisions with the best tools for free.

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