Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor


by My T-Advisor

Ranking T-Advisor: The best stocks and funds in May

What stocks and funds were the best in May? T-Advisor publishes its ranking taking into account the score. T-Advisor patented score provides an asset rating (bullish, neutral or bearish) based on key performance indicators and technical analysis. The best shares...
Portfolio main screen in T-Advisor


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Is my portfolio working or not?

Investors organise efficiently their investments in portfolios. That’s the rule, but the question is: how to follow up my portfolio? Can I preview somehow troubles in my investments? Which ratios should I take into account to set and allocate my...
Generation of proposals are part of the financial planning


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The full cycle in financial planning

Life is difficult to plan, but it is necessary to have some plans in certain circumstances. Plans cannot avoid troubles or negative surprises, but they can help deal better with them. This is the case of financial planning. What is...