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After the surprises in 2016, what can we expect for 2017?

Did you have fun this year? Well, it was not very bad, because there was some rollercoaster in the stock exchanges: Brexit, the unexpected victory of Donald Trump for the US presidency, the recent rate hike by the Fed, the...
High frequency trading: chart


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Capital preservation: more than a strategy

People out from investments usually think that this business is easy and high returns are the common rule. If you say: “I invest”, then they look at you as a rich person, when you probably try to avoid a lost...
CA Immobilien main figures in T-Advisor

Market Opportunities

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Market opportunities by T-Advisor: CA Immobilien

T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company CA Immobilien listed in the Vienna Stock Exchange, as an opportunity for investment. These are the main figures about performances and volatility in the last years: The chart shows the evolution in the last year:...