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Should I invest in the T-Advisor top score assets?

We have several times mentioned that T-Advisor has its own scoring for the assets. It is like the old marks that we got in the school, but this qualification is linked to our investments. T-Advisor has a module that shows...
High frequency trading: chart


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Are there different kinds of ETFs or just one?

It is maybe the asset that has deeply changed the asset management in the last 10 years. ETFs are the great trend in investments and it has continuously grown since its launch in the 1990s. We have already described what...
Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor


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Ranking T-Advisor: The best stocks and funds in March

What stocks and funds were the best in March? T-Advisor publishes its ranking taking into account the score. T-Advisor patented score provides an asset rating (bullish, neutral or bearish) based on key performance indicators and technical analysis. The best shares...