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Country Report Denmark valuable natural resources, and despite being a country relatively small in terms of population, the fact that has one of the world’s highest incomes per-capita makes it a very interesting market for investors seeking new opportunities, in addition, an effective strategy in the energy industry has helped them become one of the most competitive countries at an international level. Denmark in comparison to the rest of the Nordics has one of the highest levels of wealth thanks to their pension system and investment culture, among the highest. The Scandinavian country has a special dependence on the services industry keeping a steady growth over the past years, where only the logistic services account for 45% of Denmark exports. Another industry of greater impact for the country’s exports is goods mainly these 5 groups: Medicines, spare parts, oil, fur, and food. market trend denmark A market trend analysis on Denmark shows a bearish trend since the end of last year, mainly because of an international market correction, coming from higher inflation levels, the commercial trading war, and others, impacting on Denmark’s key economic driver: exports. However, Denmark has managed to maintain a higher economic level related to the rest of Europe, and when reviewing the main positions of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange we can see that the health industry and materials are the ones who lead the scores, based on their annual return, and as mentioned above, part of the 5 key groups for their exports.   copenhagen stock positions What holds in the future for Denmark? Data from the OECD about Denmark’s GDP close on a surplus of the 2% for the current year and the following year, and lower unemployment levels, also is expected a strong and sustainable growth on two of their most dependent products: Medicine and materials. At www.mytadvisor.com you can have a specific and valuable analysis of different markets, so it helps to discover new investment opportunities and make the best decisions to improve your investment portfolio.

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