Passive management categories in T-Advisor


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Active and passive management: an endless discussion

The boom of ETF in the investment landscape as a new kind of asset opened the endless discussion about active and passive management. First of all, what do we mean when we speak about both ideas? Traditionally, the active approach...
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Screener: the comprehensive asset search engine

One of the most tiresome activities for an investor is how to get a good search engine to find assets. All are limited, because they do not filter what we would like or provide only some figures. Of course, there...
Gamification with investment planner in T-Advisor


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Ranking T-Advisor: The best stocks and funds in June

What stocks and funds were the best in June? T-Advisor publishes its ranking taking into account the score. T-Advisor patented score provides an asset rating (bullish, neutral or bearish) based on key performance indicators and technical analysis. The best shares...