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T-Advisor is a collection of advanced wealth management tools. These allow you to monitor your personal finances, make investment decisions and to reduce risks. Our features include accurate figures and charts that allow you to evaluate the different assets and their effect on your portfolio.

Be your own Investment Manager. T-Advisor enables you to experience self-directed investment using professional tools. These tools allow you to achieve your financial goals while using the most up-to-date data.

Follow these four steps to use efficiently our tools:

Portfolio analysis software

Portfolio analysis software

Portfolio Manager

Improve your investments with our advanced financial tool.

Design, control and monitor your investments positions using various tools and data:

  • Compare the portfolio performance with different benchmarks.
  • Get a score based on our unique system.
  • Analyse the risks using several indicators, such as Value at Risk, diversification benefit and risk contribution.
  • Obtain a summary of the portfolio after analysis.
  • View the historical performance chart.


The high-quality analysis of any holding.

Our unique T-Report helps you gather information on any asset, including stocks, bonds, funds, ETF’s and indices. It allows investors the opportunity to evaluate their holdings using fast, easy to understand information, presented in a simple format.

T-Reports show detailed information on:

  • Historical performance and volatility.
  • Trend direction using quantitative analysis.
  • Historical charts with various inbuilt analytical tools.
  • In-depth risk analysis with information on alpha, beta, correlation and VaR.
  • Available investment alternatives within the same sector and market.
Investment Planner

Investment planner

Seven different goals to meet you investment objectives.

You may have a specific objective for your investments, such as saving for a home, an expensive holiday or your retirement. Organise your personal finances using our investment planner with the choice of seven different goals. Customise your objectives using various parameters and risk profiles.

Our tool includes advanced settings that analyse the effects of tax and inflation. The report then suggests a suitable asset allocation with a forecast of the expected returns.



A professional feature to improve the portfolio performance.

Obtain the highest performance with the lowest risk by using optimum asset allocation. Consider different options by altering your asset allocation so as to achieve the best results.

Optimise your portfolio using acceptable volatility limits, expected returns and risk-weighted assets. You can make informed decisions using our easy-to-read charts.

T-Advisor is more than this.
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