Investment opportunities.

A selection of interesting securities to improve your portfolio.

T-Advisor is a suite of advanced wealth management tools to monitor your personal finances and take decisions to improve them and avoid risks. Our features provide a great deal of accurate figures, data and charts to evaluate the asset quality, the relevance for your investments aims and your portfolio evolution.

T-Advisor makes everyone his own asset manager. This is the self-directed investment experience. We provide you the best professional tools and the most up-to-date data. You take the best decisions with them to meet your personal goals.

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Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities
Investment Ideas

Investment opportunities

Discover a selection of interesting securities to improve your portfolio.

Find new investment opportunities to invest in on a weekly basis.

Receive specific buy and sell signals based on quantitative methods, stop loss signals and track 5%, 10% and 15% return targets. Gather more information on each selected investment opportunity with a linked T-Report.

Model portfolios

Model portfolios

Discover and copy our model portfolios based on our quant methodology.

Five ETF portfolios based on your risk profile, and five country-specific stock portfolios have been created using our powerful algorithms and methodology.

Users can monitor the portfolio’s asset allocation, returns and volatility using various ratios like the VaR and Sharpe ratio. You can also clone whole portfolios using our tools.

T-Advisor is more than this.
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