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for professionals

Develop a new relationship with your customers

T-Advisor is an outstanding multitask platform that is focused on providing wealth management solutions.

Our tools are also available to professionals who would like to improve their efficiency, increase market share and to achieve better client interactions. With our system, your will obtain features to improve the client management and increase your incomes.

Provide a unique investment experience by involving your clients in the market while monitoring their investment portfolios.

Online financial advisor

What does T-Advisor offer for you?

In addition to the tools available to our individual investors, you will also be able to choose
from an increased number of portfolios, select from thousands of funds, investment trusts,
ETF’s and single company shares using our hand-picked asset universe.

You have included additional features for your business:


Track client interactions, determine their needs and prepare investment proposals based on their attitude towards risk.


T-Advisor can be integrated into your existing platform using your corporate logo. Your clients can monitor their portfolios with access to various figures and various charts.

Your tasks will be more efficient, as our solutions let you follow up and rebalance the clients’ investments to try to obtain the highest performance and preserve the capital in the worst market phases


Our fees are low, simple and transparent

300 / month up to 50 portfolios.


Why are you waiting to join the investment experience?

You are only a step away from becoming a member of our community with access to the best tools to manage your investments. Free account
  • Build your portfolio
  • Copy our model portfolios
  • Find new investment ideas
  • Use our T-Reports
  • Exchange ideas in your wall
  • Invest for a specific aim
  • Set your alerts
  • Monitor your assets
  • Download the app

…… this is only the beginning. Discover the rest in T-Advisor!