Weekly market opportunities in T-Advisor: the best on January, 20th

Market Opportunities

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T-Advisor updates weekly a list of market opportunities from several stocks exchanges around the world. We sum up a selection of the best ones:


ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services with presence in more than 40 countries. Its main business lines are Renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, water and services. investment opportunities europe gpo acciona graph investment opportunities europe gpo acciona


Intuit (NASDAQ): Global financial platform company with more than 50M users around the world founded in 1983, more than 9,000 employees, and 20 locations in 9 countries and $6.8 Billion of revenue in 2019. They have 4 main products: Quickbook, TurboTax, Mint and Professional Tax that helps individual consumers, self-employed or small business owners. investment opportunities america intuit graph investment opportunities america intuit


Cochlear (AUSTRALIA STOCK EXCHANGE): Global leader in implantable hearing solutions with more than 550,000 implantable devices and a workforce of more than 3,500 people and invest more than AUD$160 million a year in research and development, their products are sold in more than 100 countries and is listed in the Top 50 ASX with a market capitalization of more than AUD$10bn. investment opportunities asia pacific cochlear graph investment opportunities asia pacific cochlear

Find more opportunities from the main exchanges in the world on our module “Market opportunities” in T-Advisor.

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